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Professional English-Bulgarian Translation

Englishinna - Your Dependable Translator

Years of experience do not guarantee quality of translation. Quality of translation does guarantee years of experience.

Medical form with stethoscope

Medical Translation

Medical translation is my main field of specialization. In today's world where many people's lives depend on medical research and development I take pride in being able to provide you with the most accurate and high-quality translation.

Discussing the Numbers

Business Translation

Business translation comprises a lot of fields simply because there are all kinds of companies in all kinds of spheres. If your business requires the help of a professional translator, you have come to the right place.

Power of Attorney

Legal Translation

I also have vast experience in translating legal texts where the precise choice of words is extremely important. These texts are characterized by long, complex and cumbersome sentences which exact the utmost attention from the translator.

Engineering Sketch

Technical Translation

Technical translation is not for everyone. It exacts the most practical knowledge and experience in working, handling or operating with various parts, devices and tools. Here the flow and beauty of expression is subdued by the technical lingo.

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Englishinna Translations

My name is Inna Ivanova and I am a professional English-Bulgarian translator with more than a decade of practice. For me quality is the most important thing in my work. Every agency and almost every translator speaks of quality, but what is it actually? Is it some imaginary concept that can never be achieved or is it tangible like a piece of paper? In any case, I think quality comes with precision, it is measurable and costs more than the lowest prices in the industry because it is worth the money.

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For Me Quality Is Measurable

My Translation Quality Meter

0 wrong translations

0 literal translations

0 ambiguities

0 grammar mistakes

0 wrong prepositions

0 omissions

0 additions

0 spelling mistakes

0 major punctuation mistakes

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0 formatting mistakes

+ consistent use of terms

+ text consistency

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